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Woller Family | Gentle Breeze Honey
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As with many other beekeeping operations, our family business grew out of something that started as a personal hobby. Following high school graduation, I attended the Farm Short Course at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. After taking a beekeeping class through the UW’s Entomology Department, I became fascinated with the wonders of the beekeeping world. I was soon offered a job doing research on honeybees at the UW through the US Department of Agriculture.

Woller Family | Gentle Breeze Honey

In 1965 my wife Donna and I started Gentle Breeze Honey on a modest, part-time basis with the purchase of seven hives from a retiring beekeeper. The business was nurtured and sustained for many years with help from our three children, became a full-time endeavor in 1991, and has now grown to approximately 600 hives.

Enjoy our delicious honey!

~ Eugene Woller

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